Our approach

Why all these different therapies?

With nearly 30 years' experience, I have found that one size does not fit everyone and, in truth, there is no magic formula that cures all.

Often, patients with similar problems either respond to different treatment or need a combination of therapies to get to the heart of their symptoms and to obtain a full resolution of their problems.

Frequently, recovering from an injury is a journey. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones with a simple strain, where one or two visits will see you well on the way to a full recovery.

More often though, people visit when ongoing symptoms escalate to an unmanageable level – increasing back pain or a flair up of a persistent strain or a recurring issue with their shoulder, neck or knee. One click or crack is unlikely to be the answer.

So if you came with an ankle strain, for instance, you would be offered a combination of a safe diagnosis, soft tissue massage, information about hot and cold therapies, strapping or taping to take the load off the joint, advice about whether you need to see your GP and exercises to help restore functional strength.