Exercise Rehabilitation

Hugh has trained both as a Pilates instructor and in applied functional science. Applied functional science is based on the science of movement and the belief that everything is interconnected. Every person and the demands of their lives are unique. So, Hugh works on the principle that the exercises he gives to a young electrician with shoulder pain are going to be quite different from those he would set for an older man who is struggling to put on his coat.

In addition, the exercises aren't just a list printed off the internet but a tailored plan to stimulate healing and recovery, as well as reintegrating movement into your life 

In the initial consultation, it is important to find out what YOUR demands and needs are, in addition to the way the pain is limiting your life. Then by looking at which movements you can perform successfully and comfortably, Hugh can build on these movements back towards the activities that you are struggling with. Hugh often combines hands-on therapy, while moving the body in a way similar to your everyday actions. This helps the joints and muscles to feel supported and to let the movement itself trigger the healing response. 

Furthermore, Hugh has many years’ experience in tutoring exercise rehabilitation classes for lower back pain and continues to work with Bridgnorth Northgate Swimming Club to provide a land-based training programme. Hugh uses this depth of knowledge to help clients, not only get relief from the pain they initially presented with, but also to leave treatment stronger, more resilient and with better balance, to reduce the chance of the problem reoccurring.

For more information on Exercise Rehabilitation or to book an appointment in Bridgnorth or Shrewsbury, please call 01746 761050. Alternatively, book online here →