What to expect on your first visit


Whether you are coming for osteopathy or acupuncture, it is easier if you wear loose clothing so that it does not impede the examination of your limbs or back, for example.


If you would feel more comfortable being accompanied by someone, you are welcome to bring a spouse, friend or colleague with you.


During the first visit, I will take a full case history, including your present complaint and background information such as your occupation, hobbies, previous episodes of similar problems and any accidents at work or in the car.

It is also useful to establish when your symptoms began and how they vary over the day or with activity. I will also need to know about your general medical history so if you are on any medication it would be useful to bring your list of prescriptions. Gathering this information helps me to build up a picture of your problem so that, not only can I form a diagnosis, but also give you effective advice on how to avoid problems in the future.


I may need to obtain a bit more data by performing a few neurological tests and taking your blood pressure. I may then need to analyse your movements, so for example, I will get you to show me how far you can comfortably bend a limb before I pick it up and examine it myself. The examination is with your full consent and can be stopped at any point. If acupuncture is more relevant for you, I will look at your pulses and tongue. This gives me information about your background health.

Next steps

After establishing a diagnosis, I will explain my findings and the treatment options that are available to you. I will also give you an explanation of how many sessions you will need. If you are happy, we will go ahead with treatment and start you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.