Elbow, wrist & hand pain

Tennis Elbow

Commonly presenting with pain around the outer aspect of the elbow and made worse by reaching out to pick up objects such as a kettle or filling up the car at a petrol station. The area can become exquisitely tender. Tennis elbow is often associated with repetitive activity that the patient is not used to, such as DIY, which causes inflammation in the tendon attachment onto the bone.

I find using a combination of taping the area to offload the acute tension in the muscles and acupuncture works really well.

Wrist and hand pain

Pain from the wrist and hand may stem from repetitive movements, such as gripping a tool or using a keyboard, or sprains and strains. Problems may further develop into arthritis. Depending on the nature of the problem, it is firstly important to soothe the symptoms with acupuncture or massage, support the area with taping and strengthen with exercise.

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