Head & neck pain

Tension headaches are often associated with a build-up of tension in the neck, shoulders, upper back and jaw muscles. Often you are unaware of the tension and stiffness in the neck because the overwhelming feeling is of a tight band around the head or pressure at the back of the head or eyes.

In addition, migraine may be in part triggered by tension in the neck and shoulders. Migraines are complex and often there are many components and triggers. However, it can be helpful to address the musculoskeletal component with hands on treatment and the deeper underlying elements with acupuncture. 

Osteopathy can be useful in identifying any areas of tension and stiffness in the upper back and, depending on your preference, I will often use a combination of acupuncture and gentle hands-on treatment to alleviate headaches.

Neck pain and stiffness can range from simply waking up with a stiff neck, having slept awkwardly, to complex whiplash injuries following a car accident. Through careful assessment we can establish where the restrictions and triggers are and work out how best to break down the cycle of pain and discomfort.

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