Hip, knee, ankle & foot pain

This is a special area of interest to me both personally, after undergoing a hip replacement at the age of just 40, and professionally, having studied gait and running analysis on Post Graduate courses.

Whether you are an injured elite runner or someone suffering from osteoarthritis in a single joint such as the knee, it is always important to assess the mobility of the joints above and below the injured area. The lower extremity has an amazing ability to absorb the impact of your heel striking the ground and sending a chain reaction force up through the leg. Careful assessment again is the key, whether you have an acutely sprained ankle or chronic pain around the knee. Common conditions include:

• Hip pain and osteoarthritis • Osteoarthritis of the knee
• Athletic groin strain • Ankle sprains
• Symphysis pubic dysfunction • Achilles tendonitis
• Runners iliotibial band syndrome or hamstring tears • Plantar fasciitis
• Knee ligament and cartilage injuries  

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