Bewildered by the choice of pillows?

I have many patients who have pillows stuffed under their bed or on top of their wardrobes who have struggled to find the one comfortable pillow that they stick with. There are many choices of pillows out there in the marketplace and if you have neck pain the choice is somewhat bewildering. There are many different shapes and materials used to...
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Foam Rolling

Many of you who go to the gym or run or have sore muscles will have seen or have been told to use a foam roller OR to roll on a cricket or tennis ball. We are going to look at what foam rolling is all about and look at whether there is any science behind foam rolling? Also we will take a look at common mistakes using these methods and how to use th...
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Kinesiotherapy Tape

Many of you will have seen sports competitors be they Olympic runners, Tour de France cyclists or rugby players with brightly coloured tape around their knees, shoulders or thighs. Is this just a fashion statement or is there something behind the hype? Manufacturers of the different highly coloured brands make all lots of claims about their product...
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Is muscle more dense than fat?

See Inside Health Tuesday 15th January 2019 Inside health on BBC Radio 4 hosted by Dr Mark Porter tries to answer the question of a listener who despite following a weight watchers diet put on a little weight. She had also been going to the gym and took comfort from the fact that 'muscle weighs more than fat' or does it? Dr Porter talks to Jason Gi...
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Does running damage your knees and is cycling better?

See Inside Health Tuesday 24th July 2018 Runner, cyclist, GP and Inside Health regular, Dr Margaret McCartney goes to the new Motion Analysis Lab at Glasgow's Jubilee Hospital and asks Orthopaedic Surgeon and competitive cyclist Jason Roberts about the latest evidence. According to the programme running, assuming your knees are healthy to begin wit...
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Traditional Acupuncture with Rebecca Adlington

See how gold medal winning Olympian Rebecca Adlington found acupuncture to be beneficial for an ongoing shoulder injury.   For more information, visit the British Acupuncture Council website –