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Exercise Prescription

Most exercises that you will find, either on YouTube or prescribed by traditional therapists, look for specific control of muscles or joints trying to target an isolated muscle group with the hope that this is then transferred into the activity that is creating a problem.

In reality, a patient needs the ability to take the right body part, to the right place at the right time. There needs to be subconscious coordinated links through the movement pattern. In other words, we need to start with integration rather than think about this as a last-minute add-on.

Whether a patient is recovering from surgery or suffering from a lower back injury, or an elite athlete is struggling with a minor repetitive niggle, we can start at whatever level they are at by looking at the integration of their movement pattern.

Sometimes the problem begins even before the movement begins with a habitual/reflex postural guarding. By tweaking the movement pattern until we find success and then gradually progressing the task, we can match the demands to that individual until they are where they want to be.

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