Progressive Osteopathy

Progressive osteopathy is a tailored movement approach. Working with you, using hands-on therapy combined with an effective movement programme, new movement possibilities are opened up.

A key part of an osteopathic approach includes an assessment of YOUR needs on that day. Assessment needs to be specific and relevant to YOU rather than the general population.

Good assessment can then inform a successful treatment. Very often the test becomes your homework.

Successful treatment involves looking at many factors, including those illustrated below, as well as the important way in which the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Progressive osteopathy is more than simply finding where you are stiff and ‘cracking your back’.

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Key Factors for Effective Treatment

“When presented with a lock, a key is mightier than a hammer.”

Joanne Elphinston

Progressive osteopathy involves so much more than simply ‘cracking’ a patient’s back.

Successful treatment looks at many factors as everything is connected.

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