At your first appointment, it is vital for me to find out exactly what is going on. After taking a thorough history, examining you and establishing a diagnosis, I can give you an idea of what treatment options there are and what to expect.

Many new patients come to see me without having seen any other therapists or even their GP, so I am aware of the need to make sure they are suitable for treatment. Others come because they have made no progress or have reached a plateau with other therapies such as physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment.

In my experience, using a combined approach of hands-on therapy, the gentle application of needles and prescriptive exercises, I am able to help more people back to health.

Find out more about each therapy:

For more information on therapies available in the Bridgnorth or Shrewsbury clinics, please call 01746 761050. Alternatively, online booking is available here →