Hamstring Issues

The muscles that run down the back of our thighs, originating from the sitting bone and flanking the back of the knee, are known as the hamstrings. Like all muscles, they don’t simply start from point A and attach to point B as illustrated in many books but spiral down the back of the leg.Continue reading “Hamstring Issues”

Achilles Tendonitis and Calf Problems

The Achilles tendon connects the two major, more superficial calf muscles (gastrocnemius), as well as the deeper Soleus muscle to the back of the heel via the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon itself might tighten and become irritated (tendinitis) OR sometimes the junction between the muscle and the tendon becomes sore. If the tendon becomesContinue reading “Achilles Tendonitis and Calf Problems”

How to Treat Runner’s Knee

About 40% of running injuries are knee issues and patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), or “runner’s knee”, is one of the most common. It is caused by the irritation of the cartilage on the underside of the patella (kneecap). Who’s at Risk?Risk factors include overpronation (excessive inward foot rolling) and weak quads, hips, or gluts. TheContinue reading “How to Treat Runner’s Knee”

7 Most Common Running Injuries

When you begin running, you might imagine that it is one smooth progression going from the early days of jogging to your first 5km and beyond. Unfortunately, most regular runners will tell you that this is rarely the case. Various studies have shown up to 70% of runners will experience an overuse injury each year.Continue reading “7 Most Common Running Injuries”

Kinesiotherapy Taping

Many of you will have seen sports competitors be they Olympic runners, Tour de France cyclists or rugby players with brightly coloured tape around their knees, shoulders or thighs. Is this just a fashion statement or is there something behind the hype? Manufacturers of the different highly coloured brands make all lots of claims aboutContinue reading “Kinesiotherapy Taping”

Common Cycling Injuries

More than two million people across the country now cycle at least once a week, an all-time high according to British Cycling, the sport’s governing body in the UK. In the last few years, we have seen GB riders Bradley Wiggins, then Chris Froome and now Geraint Thomas winning the Tour de France. The eightContinue reading “Common Cycling Injuries”